Senator Van Hollen and Congresswoman Sanchez Address Rally

The Nepalese Americans for Biden (NAFB) held a large virtual rally and phone banking event via zoom on Sunday, September 20. Honorable Chris Van Hollen, United States Senator for Maryland, and Honorable Linda T. Sanchez, US Congresswoman representing the 38th Congressional District of California, addressed the rally. Asking Nepalese Americans to vote in 2020, Senator Van Hollen expressed commitment to lobby for creating paths to citizenship for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders. Congresswoman Sanchez, who serves on the powerful House Committee on Ways and Means and the House Judiciary Committee, said this election is extremely important to protect rights of immigrants and minorities in the United States.

Other prominent speakers at the event were Bel Leong-Hong, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Chair and DNC Member, and Robbie Leonard, Maryland Democratic Party Central Committee Secretary and DNC Member. Honorable Harry Bhandari, State Delegate of Maryland General Assembly, Central Member of Maryland Democratic Party and Chair of the Nepalese Americans for Biden, hosted and moderated the event that was co-hosted by NAFB Co-Chair Rameshor Bhandari. City Councilmember of Reynoldsburg in Ohio, Bhuwan Pyakurel, represented the Nepalese Americans of Bhutanese origin at the rally. The meeting was also attended by California’s City of Artesia Mayor Ali Taj and City Councilmember and AAPI Chair of California Democratic Party, Melissa Ramoso. Approximately 200 people attended this virtual rally, and over a hundred thousand watched the rally live via various Nepalese American media outlets.

NAFB has thanked all Nepali community organizations, community leaders, Democrats, and social and community activists for joining and supporting rally to show solidarity for a common cause.

Nepali Americans expand poll campaigns

Los Angeles, June 27:

The Nepalese Americans from across the United States held their second virtual meeting on June 27 and expanded their grassroots organizations to various states to strengthen their support for VP Joe Biden. This virtual meeting further mobilized and expanded our grassroots efforts in various states. Maryland State Senator James Carew Rosapepe and State Delegate of Maryland General Assembly Harry Bhandari made brief presentations at the meeting.

A total of 189 people had signed up for the meeting, and over 100 managed to enter the virtual meeting room via zoom. Chairs from various state committees updated their efforts.


Nepali Americans muster support for Biden

Los Angeles, June 7:

The Nepalese Americans from across the United States held a virtual meeting on June 6 to garner support for Joe Biden, Democratic Party’s presidential nominee for 2020.

The virtual meeting brought together Nepali American educators, health workers, engineers, businesspeople, and community activists from various Nepali organizations into one platform. Speaking at the meeting, State Delegate of Maryland General Assembly and Chair of Nepalese Americans for Biden, Harry Bhandari, urged Nepali Americans to participate in local mainstream political activities.

The Asian Pacific Islander (API) Caucus Chair of the California Democratic Party and Councilmember of Artesia Melissa Ramoso encouraged Asian communities to support Biden to ensure equality and justice for black and brown people.

Rameshor Bhandari, Co-Chair of the Nepalese Americans for Biden, hosted the meeting from Los Angeles using Biden Campaign’s app ‘mobilize’. It was approved and video-recorded by the Biden Campaign. “I wanted to get involved in the campaign to protect the rights of immigrants and minorities,” he said in his opening remarks. Nepali Americans have participated in election campaigns in the past, and it is important to continue engaged in the political process.

A total of 85 people had signed up for the meeting, and 52 managed to enter the virtual meeting room via zoom. The participants decided to hold the second meeting on Saturday, June 27. “We will try to reach out to more Nepali community activists from all over the US in future”, Bhandari said, adding, “We are sharing each other’s ideas to mobilize our community members”. Field organizer of Biden for President Maggy Henert gave a brief presentation about the campaign and said that former Vice President Joe Biden is ahead of incumbent President Donald Trump in approval ratings. Most Nepalese Americans are first-generation immigrants, and it is important to mobilize this community and get them out to vote to get their voices heard.