Maheshwar Pant

My name is Maheshwar Pant and I currently reside in Norwood MA, Metro West area Boston, MA. I work as a Real Estate Agent for Keller William Realty Services, Easton/Canto, MA. I am currently the chair for the Nepalese for Biden in Massachusetts.

I am also working as a leader for several Nepali and International Organizations like Lions Club. Additionally, I am a poet and writer for several Nepali short storybooks and novels. Regarding political experiences, I have worked for election campaigns in several party elections, including Maryland state representative elections.

AdvisorShiva Shrestha
Pant, MaheshwarChair
Karki, BishnuExecutive Vice Chair
Nepal,Birochan1st Vice Chair
Kandel, Thaniratna2nd Vice Chair
Malla, Chandra B3rd Vice Chair
Dhakal, SureshSecretary
Upreti, BinodTreasurer
Oli, BhimCommunication Director
Sharma, BijayaMembers
Thapa, Ram
Shrama, Trishna
Pandeya, Dinesh
Barma, Sanu Adhikari
Mandal, Chandra