Bishnu Phuyal

My name is Bishnu Phuyal, and I got my Ph.D. in engineering. Retired – October 2019. I have an interest in supporting social values based on democratic principles for fairness, equality, justice, and freedom. Volunteer to help Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and other Democratic political candidates in November 2020. Gather support from Nepali Americans living in the Chicagoland area to participate, support, and vote Democratic party in November 2020.

I am the chair of the group in Illinois and I communicate the importance of taking interest and participation in the political arena from Nepali Americans, especially youngsters. Seek support for the cause as much as possible for the upcoming election. I have had no past experience in the political field. However, I am leading the Nepalese community in Chicagoland as the President of the social organization Nepali American Center for over 10 years. Also lead Blood Donors of America, treasurer for Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (2010-2016), the board of director of NRN NCC USA (2009-2011), the board of director of American Society of Nepalese Engineers (2009-2020).

Dr.Phuyal, BishnuChair
Tek Raj PaudelExecutive Vice Chair
Ramakant Kharel1st Vice Chair
Jagan Niroula2nd Vice Chair
Sharda Thapa3rd Vice Chair
Communication Director